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Harcourts One

The Harcourts One system enables you to:

  • effectively run and maintain a database
  • manage listings from the appraisal right through to when it's sold
  • download all the Harcourts documents, check-lists, training material, letters & scripts
  • watch videos from keynote speakers, training videos, tutorials and more
  • send a variety of email marketing pieces
  • send sms's
  • keep track of daily tasks that are due
  • print off a variety of reports
  • track the financial performance of a sales consultant &/or office
  • and a whole lot more...

New Look Harcourts One

New Look LoginHarcourtsOne has been our flagship product since 2007, and over the last six months we have been busy developing a new look and feel.

Our plan was to revitalise HarcourtsOne and build a new look that is contemporary, easy to navigate, tablet friendly and can link with third party offerings that are considered ‘Best of Breed’ in the market place.

What have we done?

  • Created a new responsive design that works better on a tablet, iPad, Surface , laptop, or desktop computer
  • A new modern navigational menu with updated icons

HarcourtsOne Dashboard

  • Powerful new search options that automatically search as you type

HarcourtsOne New Search

  • The appraisal page has been redesigned making it easier to find and view your appraisals
  • Property search page has been updated and we have replaced the search option sliders with drop down menus
  • New colour theme applied to all pages
  • Increased font size with added spacing makes HarcourtsOne easier to read
  • And finally, we have the option to integrate with a ‘MailChimp’ email marketing account

HarcourtsOne MailChimp

When are we rolling out?

We are pleased to announce we will be launching the HarcourtsOne on Monday 21st September, followed by MailChimp on Tuesday 27th October!

A huge thanks to all the team that have given us feedback, tested prototypes and developed this leading edge system.  We hope you enjoy the new look and feel and if you would like to visit ourwww.facebook.com/HarcourtsTechnology page and give us your feedback, it would be much appreciated.

View the original Harcourts One Launch Video below...

For more information...

View our technology website at www.technology.harcourts.com.au or contact the Harcourts team in your state. 


New South Wales
Mark Morrison - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 02 9380 8665
Mobile: 0437 774 197
Email: mark.morrison@harcourts.net

Sadhana Smiles - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 1300 856 773
Mobile: 0403 271 676
Email: sadhana.smiles@harcourts.net

Brendan Whipps - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 07 3839 3100
Mobile: 0400 605 757
Email: brendan.whipps@harcourts.net

Tony Morrison - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 03 6337 9700
Mobile: 0418 130 563
Email: tony.morrison@harcourts.com.au

Western Australia
Paul Blakeley - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 08 9388 7700
Mobile: 0457 005 179
Email: paul.blakeley@harcourts.net

South Australia
Andrew Friebe - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 08 8410 4444
Mobile: 0407 811 662
Email: andrew.friebe@harcourts.net

Other enquiries
Marcus Williams  -  Operations Manager, Harcourts Group Australia

Business:   1300 856 773
Mobile:   0411 468 703
Email:   marcus.williams@harcourts.net