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Franchise Opportunities Are Available Now

Why Franchise?


The Harcourts Franchise harnesses group buying power for financial benefit on a number of levels. One of the key advantages is in the advertising and marketing spend, giving you and vendors the kind of profile a single operator could only dream about. Ensuring that we back up our marketing where it counts, inter-office training sessions are provided monthly, along with our full induction training for all new administration and sales staff.

All of this does little more than brush across the surface. Clearly there’s a lot more you need to know about us (and us about you). But if you are interested in the idea of building a business together, let’s talk.
For further information or to have a confidential discussion regarding details of the franchise opportunities within Harcourts, please contact the relevant CEO for your area to the left or send an email using the form below. 

Franchise Enquiry

Franchise Opportunities Are Available Now



New South Wales
Mark Morrison - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 02 9380 8665
Mobile: 0437 774 197
Email: mark.morrison@harcourts.net


Marcus Williams - Chief Executive Officer (AUS)

Business: 1300 856 773
Mobile: 0411 468 703
Email: marcus.williams@harcourts.net


Brendan Whipps - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 07 3839 3100
Mobile: 0400 605 757
Email: brendan.whipps@harcourts.net


Tony Morrison - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 03 6337 9700
Mobile: 0418 130 563
Email: tony.morrison@harcourts.com.au


Western Australia
Paul Blakeley - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 08 9388 7700
Mobile: 0457 005 179
Email: paul.blakeley@harcourts.net


South Australia
Gregg Toyama - Chief Executive Officer

Business: 08 8410 4444
Mobile: 0400 666 900
Email: gregg.toyama@harcourts.net


Other enquiries
Marcus Williams  -  Chief Executive Officer - Harcourts Australia

Business:   1300 856 773
Mobile:   0411 468 703
Email:   marcus.williams@harcourts.net